Hubei Minkang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
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   Hubei Minkang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a foreign-owned enterprise owned by HBMK Pharmaceutical Limited, a BVI entity, which is owned by Hubei Minkang Pharmaceutical Ltd., a Nevada company. Hubei Minkang Pharmaceutcial Ltd. is listed and posted for trading on FINRA's Over-the-Counter Bulleting Board in the United States. Hubei Minkang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Is mainly involved in the production and sale of medicine, and is capable of producing different types of Chinese traditional in various forms. The company has up to 160 Drug production licenses.
   The company had completed the national GMP authentication for the first time in December 2003 and had received authentication again in 2009 and 2010. Hubei Minkang is a "high-tech enterprise" affirmed by "The Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China" . We currently have about 483 staff in our company, comprising of over 300 specialized technical personnel and 19 licensed pharmacists.
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